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Multifunctional Record Player and Converter
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Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speaker & Audio Music Player Built in Amplifier
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Product number: # 1000042
Model: M504

◎CD player and recorder: Convenient CD changer for recording and playing with one press.

◎Bluetooth Connection: Playing music from external wireless device, such as mobile phone, laptop and other bluetooth device.

◎Twin detachable speakers: Clear and lound sound; no noise, simply playback and listen to your records. 

◎Vinyl to MP3 Recording: Recording vinyl records directly to digital format in USB/SD card. Backup old vinyl in your PC or laptop.

◎More Function: 33 , 45, 78 RPM selectable (included 45-RPM adapter) playing, AUX in,LCD Screen backlight,With CD player and Cassette deck,And with AM/FM radio, you could listen the channel you like. 



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