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Standalone Cassette Converter
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Portable cassette recorder
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Product number: # 1000039
Model: T300

◎Portable and multifunctional: with a retractable handle, you can easily take this cassette player anywhere.

◎Two power supply modes: cassette player can be operated with a power supply or 4 x C batteries. 

◎Voice recorder: This cassette recorder has a built-in microphone and an additional clip-on microphone that meets the recording requirements in different situations.                                            

◎Cassette to USB: With this digital cassette, cassettes can be converted into MP3 files on your USB. Digitize your old cassettes and better control your old cassettes, voice and memory. No driver, app or computer is required.                  

◎Date back to your old time: retro look combined with the convenience of modern technology make this turntable a great value. 


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