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Film & Slide Scanner
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Mobile Film and Slide Scanner
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Product number: # 1000030
Model: M128A

◎【Foldable and Space Saving Design】This scanner is foldable and do not take up much room, you can Fold it into the Size of a Small Box.

◎【Convenient Collapsing Design】The scanner is small and easy to carry. It can be folded into a small box.  You can scan and burn 35mm film. It is a good helper for outdoor photography.

◎【Simple and Super Easy to Use】Insert a slide or negative into the tray, turn on Built-In LED backlight, place the lens of your smart phone over the hole and then click to capture. Please note: the quality of photos will be limited to the resolution of your phone's camera.

◎【Relive Those Old Memories】mobile film scanner allows you convert old 35mm Films and Slides with your Smartphone to record good times. 

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