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Photo Film Slide & Name Card Scanner
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22MP Photo,Film, Slide & Name Card Scanner
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Product number: # 1000029
Model: M129A
  • 【4 in 1 film & slide scanner】 No Computer Required.22MP Digital Film Scanner Lets You View & Convert Your Old Color & B&W Negatives to Digital Files & Save Directly to Unit With The Internal 128MB Memory & 8GB SD Card.

  • 【5”LCD display for visual enjoyment】 Features Large, Crystal-Clear Screen with Wide Viewing Angle for Instantly Previewing & Shareing Photos/Negatives/Name Card.

  • 【Editing with a single touch】 No Complex Screens or Settings! Just to Select Scan Photo or Film,Easy Options Let You Choose Film Type, Adjust Color/Brightness/Resolution & Assign Date/Time.

  • 【Super chic and best gifts for families and friends】 Negative Scanner Handles All Your Old Slides & Negatives, Supports Sd Or Sdhc Cards.

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